Saturday 1st - Sunday 2nd June 2019


The air displays will be over the sea in an area adjacent to Paignton beach. The main flying displays will be between 14.00hrs & 17.30hrs on Saturday 1st and 11.30 & 15.00 on Sunday 2nd June. During the display times there will be a large exclusion zone in place, in which, no vessel will be permitted to anchor or enter.

Due to new air display regulations the planes cannot approach at low altitude over land, so the pilots need the exclusion area to be the entire length of the Bay west of the 003° 32’W line of longitude (see chart on reverse). This line will be marked with large red buoys approximately 500 metres apart.

The exclusion zone will be set up and controlled by Tor Bay Harbour Authority with the assistance of HM Coast Guard, and there will be a number of designated waterborne marshals.  All marshal vessels will be flying the International Code letter ‘K’ signal flag (blue & yellow). The command vessel ‘Oscar 4’ will be monitoring VHF channel 14.

All mariners are advised that they should follow the instructions and directions provided by the Harbour Authority and the duly authorised marshals.

The exclusion zone must be clear of vessels half an hour prior to the start of the flying display and the marshals will start informing vessels to clear the area from around midday. VHF messages on both channels 14 and 16 will be made informing vessels that the exclusion zone is in force. During the flying displays all vessels will be required to remain outside the exclusion zone.  Any breach of this exclusion zone could result in the flying display being halted.

Passenger ferries will be operating to and from Paignton harbour on the shore side of the 5 knot buoys during the displays, under controlled conditions and directions of the safety team. Paignton harbour is otherwise closed to all other traffic during the display times.

Only kayaks, paddleboards, and other similar non-motorised small craft will be allowed shore side of the 5 knot buoys between Paignton Harbour and Livermead Head during the displays. Vessels will be permitted to remain at anchor within the 5 knot markers south of Roundham Head & North of Livermead Head; however these will not be good viewing areas. The best vantage point at sea will be between Roundham & Livermead east of the boundary line.

The Bay is regarded as a secondary viewing area and outside of the main event site; we are therefore obliged to inform mariners that there is an increased risk of being under the extended display area. All craft are reminded of their associated duty of care and liability.

The depth of water at the boundary line will be approximately 14 metres and is a sandy surface. Please consider other vessels already at anchor before dropping anchor.

Paignton Harbour 01803 208410 VHF Channel 14

Solent Coastguard 02392 552100 VHF Channel 16

Local radio ‘The Breeze’ will be covering the events schedule on 105.5FM