Saturday 3rd - Sunday 4th June 2017

Directions and Travel Information


There will be an additional capacity on the bus services in and out of Paignton across the event weekend. Details of the local bus services operators can be accessed via 


The closest stop to the Airshow Village is Paignton which is served by Cross Country Trains, GWR and Dartmouth Steam Railway and is just a six minute walk away.

Cross Country and GWR will be providing extra capacity over the weekend, whilst the steam railway will run their usual timetable to and from Kingswear. Details of all the local train operators can be accessed via and further information from GWR can be found at


Signed cycle parking will be located adjacent to Paignton Green.


Please visit or call 01803 555872 for a timetable of services


Entry to the Torbay Airshow is free but to guarantee a parking space please pre book your car parking online ahead of the event. Car parking can be booked through the website for £10 per vehicle and is located at Victoria Car Park on Garfield Road, Paignton, just 5 minutes walk from the main event site on Paignton Green.

Car parking passes for Victoria Car Park have now sold out for Saturday 3 June. Tickets are currently still available for Sunday 4 June.

As an alternative, the Park and Ride service at Broadsands will be available throughout the airshow weekend priced at £10.00 per car, per day. This includes your bus fare to and from the airshow site on Paignton Green. Please pay at the machine (coins only) and take the tear off slip from your parking ticket and present it to the driver as proof of purchase. You can also pay by RingGo – and show the parking confirmation to the bus driver when you board.


Park  and Ride – Bus Schedule

The first Bus from Broadsands is at 12:00 then every 10 mins until 1430 then 1445, 1515, 1545, 1615 then every 10 mins until 1735 then every 20 mins until 1935

Buses from Sands Road 1215 then every 10 mins until 1405, 1430, 1500, 1530, 1600 and every 10 mins until 1800 then every 20 mins until 2000


WeFerry and Paignton Pleasure Cruises will be running services from Brixham and Torquay every 30 minutes throughout the festival weekend. Details of the local ferry service operators can be accessed via



During the event weekend on Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 June a number of safety and traffic management measures will be put in place to limit vehicular access around Paignton Seafront, Preston Seafront and the surrounding residential areas.

These restrictions are clearly detailed on this map and will be in place to ensure emergency service vehicles can still access all areas, and to ensure minimum disruption is caused to residents by visitors to the Airshow.


Frequently Asked Questions Airshow Road Closures and Parking



Q         Why are the roads closed?

A         The main routes around the display site are closed for the safety of the event and access by emergency services. Residential roads are closed to prevent residents being inconvenienced and inundated by day visitors, many of whom are likely to park inconsiderately.


Q         How will I get to my property when the road is closed?

A         Holders of Resident Passes will be allowed through road closures to gain access to properties, expect where the Airshow event prevents access. No vehicular access to Torbay Road, Esplanade Road, Eastern Esplanade, and Preston Promenade will be available.


Q         How will deliveries be affected?

A         Deliveries must be made before 11.00am and after 7.00pm on Saturday and Sunday.


Q         You have supplied us with two Resident Passes for our property but four people live here all with cars, how do we get more passes?

A         If you require more passes, these can be requested using the contact form on the Airshow website.


Q         I have family visiting for the weekend and I need more than 2 Resident passes?

A         If you require more passes, these can be requested using the contact form on the Airshow website.


Q         Is my blue badge valid in this area?  

A         No a blue badge holder must display the Resident Pass alongside their blue badge.

Where parking restrictions are clearly displayed blue badge holders must comply with the notice.


Q         I have meals delivered each day – will I still receive these?

A         We recommend that you contact your supplier to make them aware of the air show and possible disruption. However, Marshals will allow these services through the closures if they explain their purpose for gaining access


Q         I have a carer visit me at home and they need access – how will this work?

A         We recommend that you inform your care provider to make them aware of the air show and possible disruption. We suggest that you pass on your Resident Pass to your care provider ahead of the air show. If you are unable to do so then your carer will need to explain their purpose to the road closure marshals.


Q         Do the parking restrictions remain the same as normal inside road closures?

A         Yes, except where parking has been specifically suspended inside the road closures. Please read displayed notices for further details.


Q         Can I cycle on the closed roads?

A         Yes you may cycle on closed roads; there will be adequate cycle parking on Preston Green close to the display site.


Q         What parking will be available to people living and working on affected roads?

A         Parking will be available, except where there is a parking suspension in place. Please see website for further details and check notices displayed on site.


Q         I’m a beach hut owner, how can I access my beach hut?

A         There are no vehicular access arrangements for beach hut owners during the event. If vehicular access is required, access can still be gained outside of the road closure times. Vehicles must be removed during the times of road closures.


Q         How do I get access to Steartfield Road, Warefield Road, Leighon Road or Norman Road?

A         Lower Polsham Road will be closed with residents access. The one-way system along the eastern part of Lower Polsham Road between Kings Avenue and Esplanade Road will be suspended during the road closures. To gain access onto Steartfield Road, residents will have to use Lower Polsham Road and the access road to the rear of Bonair Road and other guest houses.


Q         How do I get access to Torbay Road?

A         There will be no vehicular access to Torbay Road. Access to nearby side roads can be obtained via Sands Road and Queens Road. Queens Road one-way system will be suspended during the Airshow to allow two-way travel. As long as parking is not suspended, you may park in a nearby street within the closure and display your issued permit.  Parking on Queens Road and Garfield Road will be suspended to allow for the operation of two way traffic.


Q         How do I get access to Esplanade Road or Eastern Esplanade?

A         There is no vehicular access to these roads. As long as parking is not suspended, you may park in a nearby street within the closure and display your issued permit.


Q         I am a guest at a hotel on the seafront during the air show period, how do I gain access?

A         There is free access outside of the road closure times which are 11.00am to 7.00pm. Should you need access during these times please contact your hotel or guest house.